Following the discovery of my partners Affair I wanted to know the full story. The messages and WhatsApp data had been deleted but with my partners permission we had the phone examined by A Star Forensics. They recovered all the messages not only from the texts but also the WhatsApp messages and Facebook, which I was not aware of. It was difficult to read but it has given me a better perspective of this Affair.

I am now filling for a divorce and I am very grateful with the help and support offered by the team at A star Forensics. The professional and sympathetic approach helped me deal with a difficult emotional time.

Thank you for your service

EMJ, Edinburgh

I highly recommend the team at A Star Forensics. My situation was an iPhone that died with no back-up of the photos and videos for the past 12 months. I went to two other companies who both said they couldn't help. A Star Forensics was my last attempt at recovering the data before giving up and getting my phone replaced. The team where very helpful and from the initial conversation it was clear they knew their stuff. They set clear expectations up front and in my case, where able to bring the phone back to life long enough to get those precious memories back.


During a routine update on my Android Samsung Phone I lost all of my pictures, texts and phonebook. I need my phone for work purposes and thought all the information was gone forever. I called A Star Forensics who were very considerate and spent some time putting my mind at rest. I sent them my phone and recieved it back the next working day. All my information and pictures had been recovered and were sent to me on a disc. It was a fantastic service and great value for money. Thank you.

T.J.Francis. Glasgow

After I took my iPhone for a swim(not recommended) I tried all the usual tricks, putting it in rice etc but nothing could bring my phone back to life. I had some very precious family photos on there but had not backed them up. I took the phone to several High street repair stores but none of them could get the data out for me. 

When I found A Star Forensics it was my last hope. It was explained that the phone was not going to be repaired but every effort would be made to extract my data from the memory chip. I was happy with this because I could get a new phone but not the memories back.

A Star Forensics were good to thier word and provided excellent communication throughout. 

When they contacted me to say they had recovered my photos from what I believed was a lost cause I was absolutely over the moon.

What a fantastic service Well done and Thank you. 

Ryan M

Outstanding Data recovery! My wife & I nearly lost our pics & videos of kids from Birth to Toddler (& we can't have any more kids). Plus, all our contacts etc. Thanks Neil & Co.

Steve Walters

I was very impressed with the service you provided, you completely took the pressure off me by liaising directly with the police in order to obtain the mobile phone/sim card. The statement package I received was excellent and the turnaround from accepting my instructions to providing me with your report was very quick. Quite often obtaining expert evidence can take months, whereas you took a week. Thank you ever so much for your assistance and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Public Defender Services, Pontypridd

When I accidentally deleted some very important texts from my Galaxy Smart phone,they[ASF] got them back for me. The service was really quick with no hidden costs, I would definitely recommend!

Steve from Essex

Excellent service.  Gave me everything I wanted and I would highly recommend this company to anyone - he knows his stuff

FR, Neath

During a difficult dispute involving the investigation of mobile phones and corporate litigation we required an independant examination of the forensic exhibits. Due to the complexity of the case we looked outside France and contacted A Star Forensics. Thier  history of police investigations and thier clear knowledge of mobile phone forensics led us to instruct for this work. Not only was the work of the highest quality, it was carried out quickly and within the budget specified. We will be using them again.Bon travail!

S.A. Magellan Paris, France

In each of the numerous cases that I have requested the assistance of A Star Forensics Ltd, in this specialist role, each of which were for serious crime matters, I have found their professional competence to be of the highest standard. I am of the sincere opinion that Mr Morgans is an extremely thorough and professional investigator in this specialist role, and I have always found his evidential product and intelligence produced to be of the highest standard and invaluable to my investigations."

Anon SIO,

I was amazed at the level of service this company provided. Don't hesitate to use them for all your phone requirements. Very professional company. Thank you.

Jayne MC

Top quality and speedy service. Very reliable and trustworthy.

Nicola Mullan

Very friendly and professional service would definitely recommend :-) x

Jessica Veale

So happy to have the footage of my children when they were babies, I thought it was lost forever, thanks.

Deanne Keeble

"The evidence that A Star Forensics uncovered is of great benefit to the investigation. The fact that it was not uncovered until the applicant examined the device, highlights to me the difficulties that the complexity of mobile devices, used increasingly more frequently, can cause in that police officers and staff keeping abreast of technological advances can be problematic."

Anon SIO

Absolutely fantastic service!


Great service from all the team.

I sent them a phone that I believed would reveal my wife was having an affair. However, after a thorough investigation by the team it was clear that my suspicions were unfounded.

They turned this around very quickly and ensured the data was totally confidential.

Would highly recommend. 

Clive m.

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